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Transfer Pricing Middle East

1 November 2023

ETA's Explanatory Instructions no.78 of 2023

18 May 2023

Requirements for Maintaining Transfer Pricing Documentation

10 April 2023

ZATCA approves amendments to Transfer Pricing Bylaws

30 November 2022

Country By Country Report and notification filing deadline in Qatar

1 November 2022

ZATCA updates the AEOI Portal for Country by Country Reporting (CbCR)

7 July 2022

TP regulations proposed to be amended to increase applicability to Zakat payers

16 June 2022

General Tax Authority issues clarification on Master File and Local File submission deadline in Qatar 

11 April 2022

ZATCA has published the third edition of the Transfer Pricing guidelines in KSA

5 January 2022

ISTD releases templates for the new Transfer Pricing Regulations

12 December 2021

The Issuance of Country-by-Country reporting
guidance for MNE Groups

27 September 2021

Executive Instructions of the new Transfer Pricing regulations for MNE groups have been released

8 July 2021

CbC notification on AEOI portal

17 June 2021

The General Tax Authority has extended the deadline for Transfer Pricing Local file and Master file submissions

10 June 2021

New Transfer Pricing Regulations have been submitted for MNE groups

23 May 2021

The General Tax Authority has issued an FAQ on Transfer Pricing

17 February 2021

The introduction of Country-by-Country reporting obligations for MNE groups

2 February 2021

The GTA provides clarity on Transfer Pricing reporting requirements in Qatar

27 January 2021

Country-by-Country Reporting schema update in KSA

12 November 2020

UAE MoF issues new CbCR compliance requirements for MNE groups

20 July 2020

KSA issues guidance on the Mutual Agreement Procedure

15 June 2020

Saudi Arabia releases second edition of the Transfer Pricing guidelines

30 April 2019

The UAE MoF organized a CbCR awareness workshop - Key considerations

1 July 2019

UAE introduces Country-by-Country Reporting rules

25 October 2018

Bahrain Exchange of Information OECD peer review

27 September 2018

Qatar implements CbC legislation

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