Mobile Customer Experience


Mobile Customer Experience in the 21st Century

A perspective from the Americas

As consumers become more sophisticated and demanding, and competition ever more intense, customers will favor carriers that deliver an experience that extends beyond calls, coverage and customer support.

A satisfied customer in the 21st century is one who trusts his carrier to bring him the best of the digital world, in whatever way he chooses to consume it

With today’s proliferation of mobile devices, networks and content providers, delivery of the mobile customer experience is no longer the simple, unitary relationship between customer and carrier. This represents a potential opportunity for carriers, but without a detailed understanding of the dynamics of that experience, carriers risk being sidelined.

The winners will be carriers that position themselves in the broader mobile value chain as customer experience increasingly includes managing a growing range of devices, alternative forms of connectivity and third-party services and content.  If responded to appropriately, the changing behaviors of customers’ mobile activities represent an opportunity to expand and enhance the customer experience—and grow the revenue base.

Mobile Customer Experience in 21st Century
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