Terms of use

Standard terms for the provision of goods and services to Deloitte & Touche

Last updated: 25 June 2019


  1. “Purchase Order” means a fully completed and signed Deloitte & Touche (“Deloitte”) Purchase Order form bearing its official name, address, VAT registration number and authorised Purchase Order number together with these standard terms and all documents attached to it or incorporated by reference in the Purchase Order form.
  2. “Due date” means the dates specified on the Purchase Order for supplying the goods and/or services.
  3. “Invoice” means a tax invoice from the Supplier rendered to Deloitte & Touche on the invoice date that agrees with this Purchase Order and complies with the provisions of the current VAT Act.
  4. “Credit Note” means a credit note from the Supplier rendered to Deloitte & Touche on the credit note date that reverses the charge and complies with the provisions of the current VAT Act.
  5. “Statement” means a Statement of Account from the Supplier rendered to Deloitte & Touche on the statement date.


The Supplier will provide the goods and/or services:

a) without defect or fault of any kind;
b) free from any encumbrance;
c) by the due dates; and
d) in accordance with the Purchase Order
By acting on a Purchase Order, a Supplier agrees to be bound by the Purchase Order and these standard terms.


  1. All goods and/or services will be subject to inspection upon delivery and will only be accepted by Deloitte & Touche if in accordance with the Purchase Order and these standard terms and conditions.
  2. Deloitte & Touche must sign the correctly rendered Invoice as proof of delivery.
  3. If Deloitte & Touche reasonably determines that the goods and/or services are defective or that they fail to meet the requirements of the Purchase Order, Deloitte & Touche may reject the goods and/or services and the Supplier must repay all monies paid by Deloitte & Touche for those goods and/or services, or if no monies have been paid, the Supplier must issue Deloitte & Touche with a properly rendered Credit Note.


The Supplier will only be entitled to an extension of time for delivering the goods and/or services if Deloitte & Touche agrees to the delay in writing.


Deloitte & Touche bears no responsibility for goods delivered or services provided that are not in accordance with the Purchase Order. Unauthorised deliveries may be returned to the Supplier, and the Supplier must pay Deloitte & Touche for all costs in connection with Deloitte & Touche returning such deliveries.


Title and risk in the goods and service deliverables (“goods”) will pass as follows:
a) If the goods are sold, title will pass upon delivery and successful installation by the Supplier and inspection and acceptance by Deloitte & Touche in accordance with the relevant Purchase Order
b) If goods are hired, title and all risk in the goods will remain with the Supplier at all times, including during any time that the goods are in Deloitte & Touche’s or any other party’s control.


  1. Deloitte & Touche will pay the Supplier’s within 30 days from the date of Statement provided that:
    a) the goods and/or services are in accordance with an authorised Deloitte & Touche Purchase Order, and
    b) the goods and/or services are satisfactory to Deloitte & Touche, and
    c) the Supplier issues Deloitte & Touche with an original tax invoice that complies with the provisions of the current VAT Act, and
    d) the invoice cites the applicable Purchase Order number, and
    e) the invoice is rendered to Deloitte & Touche on the Invoice date, and
    f) the invoice is signed by Deloitte & Touche as proof of delivery
  2. Payment will be made on an original invoice or a certified copy only and no faxes or photocopies will be accepted.
  3. Payment will be made on statement or a Supplier’s certification on letterhead of the amounts owed.
  4. Payment will be made by direct deposit and the Supplier will provide Deloitte & Touche with full bank account details for this purpose
  5. Payment of monies by Deloitte & Touche to the Supplier is a payment on account only, and is not evidence of the value of goods and/or services supplied, or an admission of liability or evidence that the goods and/or services have been satisfactorily provided in terms of the Purchase Order
  6. Deloitte & Touche may set-off or deduct from any monies owing to the Supplier, any monies owing by the Supplier to Deloitte & Touche in terms of any Purchase Order or any other agreement or Credit Note.


These standard terms and the Purchase Order contain the entire agreement between Deloitte & Touche and the Supplier. Where terms and conditions offered in either the Supplier’s quotation or the Supplier’s invoice or any other communication from the Supplier conflicts with these terms or the Purchase Order, these terms and the Purchase Order will prevail.


Deloitte & Touche may terminate any Purchase Order at any time without cause by giving 48 hours written notice to the Supplier.