Gov2020: Envisioning the future of government

20 November 2014

By 2020, the world could look very different. How will government adapt to keep up with the needs of citizens?


As the saying goes, hindsight is 2020. But how could our world be different if we could not only envision the future, but also prepare for it? Gov2020 helps leaders from across the private and public sectors make sense of the rapidly changing demographic, societal, economic, and technological trends shaping the future. Gov2020 isn’t a crystal ball but it does pull together the best of Deloitte research and expertise from across the globe to start a discussion on what is probable, and even more importantly, what is possible.


What is possible and what is probable for the future of government?

Gov2020 is the culmination of an extensive exploration of the drivers that are influencing education, human services, defense, transportation, and much more. Our research draws from more than 300 interviews conducted over a multi-year period with leading experts from government, business, academia, and think tanks conducted by our core research team and GovLab fellows.

We also draw from discussions with and contributions from an additional 125 subject matter experts from across the globe in topics ranging from analytics to energy. Similar to the collaborative nature of the Gov2020 research project itself, what emerged is a future that will be more connected and synergetic than ever before.

Now it’s your turn to participate in the discussion. Explore the interactive website and share your thoughts on what you think our future holds, and how you and your organization are preparing for tomorrow.