Internal Controls, Data Management and Privacy Practices

How effective are your internal controls, data management and privacy practices? 

The operating environment for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), not-for-profit organizations and governments is constantly changing, which can make it difficult for organizations to meet the requirements of their respective donors / funders. One of the challenges faced is the growing threat of theft, corruption, fraud, security breaches, and regulation which can limit overall effectiveness. Organizations must ensure that they create a conducive operating environment to accomplish their mandates as defined and agreed upon with their respective donors / funders. Our experts will discuss relevant and practical internal control topics, as well as the challenges that Not-for-Profit Organizations and Governments face in those areas. The session will also include an interactive Q&A to allow participants to ask questions about any challenges their organizations are facing.

Course Content

Topics covered include:

1. Internal controls that NGOs should implement

2. Data management and protection


1. Discuss key internal controls and reporting considerations for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), not-for-profit organizations and government institutions.

2. Address common mistakes in internal controls and measures to avoid them.

3. Highlight focus areas for audit preparedness.

4. Address data governance and protection practices.

Target Audience

1. All accountants / finance staff

2. Procurement staff

3. Internal audit staff

4. Project officers