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Our services

Our professionals, who have extensive experience in offering services to a wide range of public and private companies in East Africa, assist our clients to meet their statutory obligations and recognize improvement opportunities through provision of the following array of services depending on a client’s needs:-

1. Company Secretarial Services

• Custodial & Compliance; 
• New Entity Set up;
• Secretarial Support function and training; 
• Management of Meetings;
• Board support; 
• Statutory Health Check; and 
• Corporate Governance.

2. Registration services

• Bond/Note Registration; 
• Share Registration; and
• Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP) Registration;

3. Trustee services

• Bond/Note Trustee; 
• Security/Collateral Agency; 
• Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP) Trustee; 
• Escrow Agent; and 
• Corporate Nominee. 

Our industry presence

Livingstone Associates focuses on seven core industries in the global marketplace, and serves a range of sectors within each industry namely:-

1. Consumer Business (CB):-

• Consumer Products;
• Diversified Services;
• Retail, Wholesale, and Distribution; and
• Travel, Hospitality, and Leisure.

2. Life Sciences & Health Care (LSHC)

• Health Care Payers;
• Health Care Providers; and
• Life Sciences.

3. Public Sector (PS)
• Education;
• International, Not-for-Profit, and Non-Governmental Organisations;
• Local or Municipal Government;
• National Government; and
• State or Regional Government.

4. Financial Services (FSI)
• Banking and Securities;
• Insurance;
• Investment Management; and
• Real Estate.

5. Manufacturing (MFG)
• Aerospace and Defense;
• Automotive;
• Chemicals (Process);
• Forest, Paper, and Packaging (Process);
• Metals (Process); and
• Industrial Products and Services.

6. Energy & Resources (E&R)
• Electric Power;
• Mining;
• Oil and Gas;
• Shipping and Ports; and
• Water.

7. Technology, Media and Telecommunication (TMT)
• Technology;
• Telecommunications; and
• Media.

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