Deloitte Southern Africa Centre for Corporate Governance

The Deloitte Southern Africa Center for Corporate Governance offers a number of resources for executives, directors, and others who are active in governance. More information about the center’s activities and programs, including contact information, can be found below.


Conflicts of interest

This Deloitte article presents the rules on conflicts of interest and disclosure thereof, as they pertain to directors.


Remunerating the board of directors

This Deloitte template presents best practice for determining executive remuneration, particularly board of directors remuneration.



The chairperson of the board of directors should be an independent non-executive director.

Dr. Johan Erasmus



Social and ethics committee

Social responsibility in business and ethics in the workplace must top corporate priorities,lead by the social and ethics committee.


The types of directors

This article describes the different types of directors including executive, non-executive and independent non-executive directors.


The standard of directors' conduct in South Africa

In South Africa, the Companies Act outlines the standard of directors’ conduct, providing for personal liability.


What audit committees want from CFOs

This edition of CFO Insights synthesizes key lessons learned in interviews from audit committee chairs and members in terms of what audit committees generally want from their CFOs.