Deloitte Best Company Survey  

2018 Results


A key objective of the Deloitte Best Company Survey is to enable an organisation to identify what attracts and motivates individuals within the workplace, and how their experience influences overall productivity and engagement levels.

The Best Company survey, which was re-engineered in 2017, now provides comprehensive insight reports with more dynamic reporting through access to the Deloitte Portal. This allows participants to take immediate responsive action. The survey also includes 100% coverage of employees as opposed to the selected sample surveys of the past, and is conducted in Afrikaans, English and Oshiwambo to ensure good comprehension levels.

Results – Deloitte Best Company Survey 2018

Small/Medium Size Company Category (fewer than 500 employees)

  • Winner – Bank of Namibia 
  • 2nd place – Road Fund Administration

Large Size Company Category (more than 500 employees)

  • Winner – Pupkewitz Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  • 2nd place – Trustco Group Holdings

Analysis of results

Based on a Best Company Score, participating organisations are awarded a Seal of Achievement – Platinum for a score of 3.5 and above, and Gold for a score of 3.25 to 3.49.  The seal is a demonstration of the employees’ perception of the attractiveness of the organisation and commitment to its people, enabling the organisation to market itself as an employer of choice.

Platinum Achievers (3.5 and above)

• Pupkewitz Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd

• Bank of Namibia


Gold Achievers (3.25 to 3.49)

• Trustco Group

• Road Fund Administration


Deloitte congratulates the above organisations on the significant recognition received from their employees.

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