Deloitte Key Fiscal Guide 2019

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Today’s rapidly changing global tax environment is creating unprecedented change in the market. Tax professionals are expected to provide strategic insights while keeping up to date with a rapidly changing tax landscape where Tax Authorities are vigilant about ensuring that multinationals are disclosing income in the appropriate jurisdiction.

We recognise that each country in Africa is unique with its own nuances and complexities, and that remaining current with changes across the African continent can be challenging.

The purpose of this booklet is to make a difference that matters to the taxation professionals and the business community by providing meaningful information about tax and investment pertaining to key African economies.

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Deloitte has on-the-ground tax specialists across Africa who can provide clients with insight and practical knowledge about navigating the local dynamics and challenges in their country. These tax specialists can assist with a broad range of fully integrated tax services, tailored signature solutions and insights that span across business taxes, indirect taxes, cross-border taxes and global employer services designed to work for your business needs. These tax specialists are business advisors who take a multidisciplinary approach to servicing clients by leveraging the depth and breadth of the
industry specialists and subject matter experts from across the firm.

Strong coordination is crucial in order to ensure compliance and consistency when operating in Africa. The Deloitte Global Compliance and Reporting (GCR) team provides a scalable, centrally-managed service to help multinationals achieve cost-effective compliance and reporting across the African continent. This service is enabled by the Deloitte Global Compliance tracking tool (called myInsight).

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