Deloitte Beacon mobile app

An innovative emergency response solution

The Deloitte Beacon mobile app is an innovative emergency response solution designed to monitor the locations/safety of your employee or people, particularly in regions most prone to security challenges.


Deloitte Beacon is a safety and emergency response solution conceived, designed and developed by Deloitte Nigeria to provide organizations the ability to manage the safety and security of their people (members or employee), particularly in regions prone to security challenges.

What are the Components of Deloitte Beacon App?

The Deloitte Beacon applications system comprises of the following:

  • A mobile application to be installed on people's mobile phones and other handheld devices. The mobile platforms currently supported are:
  1. Android
  2. Apple iOS
  3. Microsoft Windows 8+
  4. BlackBerry 10+A
  • Security administration dashboard to monitor the locations of the organization's people and manage their security and
  • The Beacon SMS Gateway that enables the application to function using SMS mode in regions where internet access in not available

How does Deloitte Beacon app work?

The Deloitte Beacon app does not require users to create their Beacon application accounts. Users are only required to sign in with their organization's credentials. The application integrates with the user profile system of the organization for authentication and to acquire basic user profile information such as Full Name, Email, Phone Number and Profile Photo. Once a user logs on to the application, a text message is generated and sent to the central Deloitte Beacon Number. This action registers the user Phone number on the Beacon Notification system and provides the beacon the ability to notify or contact the user when there are incidents.

The mobile application enables users to report their current location as soon as they move from one place to another. The Beacon app implements the concept of “voluntary check-in” by users for location reporting.

Users will be able to report emergency incidents they may observe in their vicinity to serve as a caution to other people. An Alert button when depressed will allow this trigger to be sent to the mobile phones of “people nearby” or designated people anywhere. A user is able to do this by e-mail, text message or call from the app wherever or whenever a need may occur. The distress call is sent to everyone within a defined perimeter of the person. Security officers of the organization will also be alerted.

The security administrator dashboard enables the security officers of the organization to act promptly when there is a security emergency at any region where the organization's people are located. A “Safety Status Check” will be triggered for the affected region and the Beacon app will send alerts to the phones of those who are within the region.

Once a person receives the Safety Status Check alert, he or she will be prompted to report his or her safety status by pressing one of the safety response buttons that indicate, “Safe”, or “Not safe”. The security office will be able to view the safety report for the region through the security administration dashboard.

The application functions in both internet and SMS mode. Therefore, in the absence of internet access users will be able to report on their safety status, report an incident or send a distress message.

A user will be able to see other members of his or her organization at nearby locations and will also be able to communicate with them.

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