Deloitte School of Finance


Deloitte School of Finance

Deloitte School of Finance specialises in providing training in International Financial Reporting (IFRS and IPSAS), Financial and Business Process Improvement. In Nigeria, we are acknowledged as the market leader in our chosen area of learning and we are known for high quality service delivery. Feedback from clients and delegates to our programs confirms our leadership.

Deloitte Academy is the training unit of Deloitte’s Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) with focus on international financial reporting standards(IFRS), business process, financial valuation, financial modeling, international public sector accounting standards(IPSAS), and international standards on auditing (ISA).

Our courses are designed to provide opportunity to expand knowledge base of employees, put them in a position to deliver high performance, and maintain efficient process. We plan our design our courses knowing that every training intervention should justify its cost. This we do by ensuring knowledge transfer, and follow up on delegates long after the program is completed.

School of Finance - 2017 Training Calendar (January - April)

School of Finance - 2017 Training Calendar (May - December)