eDiscovery: Legal meets Digital Transformation

Digital Forensic and eDiscovery technologies unlock limitless opportunities to overcome challenges encountered by legal practitioners and investigation teams during the Discovery process. Take the lead in your industry today by harnessing the power of eDiscovery technology to transform your business.

eDiscovery is as fundamental to the legal process as a scalpel is to a Surgeon but it isn’t currently treated as such

Considering the ubiquitous nature of technology in modern-day life, Electronically Stored Information (ESI) on computer systems, mobile devices, and storage devices (including cloud storage platforms) is increasingly providing useful evidence to support the investigation of fraud, employee misconduct, harassment, cybercrime, etc.

Electronic Discovery (“eDiscovery”) like the traditional discovery method, seeks to obtain evidence that can be relied upon during legal proceedings. Erstwhile, the method of gathering evidence for use in the court was limited to the review of hardcopy documents. However, as the volume of paper to review grew, Lawyers began to use vendors to scan and apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on documents for more effective searching and review thus birthing eDiscovery. 

eDiscovery is the process of identifying, preserving, tagging, analyzing, and reviewing ESI useful as potential evidence in an investigation or legal proceedings. 

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