Deloitte School of Tax

One Day Courses

At the Deloitte School of Tax, we provide attendees with not only the theoretically knowledge of the various regulations, but a practical understanding of their implications to their organizations.

Our instructors are drawn from a pool of tax practitioners and industry experts. Their skills, knowledge and ability to communicate are key to providing a one of a kind learning experience.

Our courses include:

  1. Managing Transaction Taxes: Understanding Monthly Tax Compliance Requirements
  2. Deferred Tax – Recognition, Measurement and Accounting
  3. Tax Planning – Harnessing available incentives
  4. Bookkeeping and Taxation for Small and Medium Enterprises
  5. Principles, Practice and Recent Developments in Tax Assessments for Companies in Nigeria
  6. Transfer Pricing – Post Implementation Issues and Recent Developments
  7. Tax Audits and Investigation – Practical Approach to Minimizing and Resolving Disputes
  8. Managing Employee Related Taxes and Statutory Deductions
  9. Taxation in the Oil and Gas Sector – A Critical Review of Pending Regulatory Changes
  10. Expatriates and Global Mobility: Immigration and Tax Requirements
  11. Monthly Tax Compliance Master Class – Transaction Tax Management for Related Party Activities
  12. Employees and Executive Compensation Planning

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