2019 Global Impact Report: Connect for Impact

As challenges grow tougher, jobs get more complicated, and expectations of business and Deloitte grow, the connections we make will be more important than ever.

Connecting for Impact

“This year’s Global Impact Report explores the power of connection in terms of how we develop our people, create opportunities for those who have been left behind, build trust in the financial reporting ecosystem, and develop comprehensive and innovative solutions for Deloitte clients.

These four areas are themselves connected and interdependent. Clients seek Deloitte’s services because we’ve earned their trust and have cultivated top talent with the skills to provide insights to help solve their toughest challenges. We can connect disadvantaged people in society with skills-building opportunities because we excel at professional development and problem solving. And Deloitte can credibly participate in regulatory discussions because of the reputation we’ve built through the quality of services we provide and our commitment to the greater good.

The new mindset for action we discussed in last year’s Global Impact Report comes to life through these connections and activities. This is how Deloitte helps people, organizations and communities adapt to accelerating digital transformation so that society—and, in turn, business—succeeds. It’s also proof that a purpose-led approach is good for business.”

Punit Renjen Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Global

Sharon Thorne, Chair, Deloitte Global Board of Directors

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