Africa Talent

Africa Talent is a Deloitte initiative that was grown out of a distinctive and clear purpose for making an impact on the African continent by identifying, training and developing local talent to provide global solutions to our clients. Africa Talent is underpinned by the Deloitte ethos of purpose beyond profit and an appetite to innovate and deliver creative, high impact solutions to urgent global client talent challenges.

Together, we can make an impact that matters. Leaving a legacy that we can be proud of for Africa’s prosperity.

About Africa Talent

Africa Talent seeks to tap into the continent’s youthful and growing population, using hybrid and remote working technology to service the talent needs in areas characterised by an ageing working population - like Western Europe. Africa Talent aims to recruit graduates with limited experience and those without employment. 

    “Africa Talent will expose the continent’s graduates to skills and opportunities they may otherwise not have had.”

    Ruwayda Redfearn
    CEO, Deloitte Africa

    Deloitte Africa Talent Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. What is Africa Talent and what does it aim to achieve?

    • Africa Talent is joint venture between Deloitte Africa and Deloitte Netherlands. Africa talent is a skills development programme that aims to recruit and develop graduates with a specific intention of exposing them to global work opportunities through the Deloitte Network, specifically through Deloitte Netherlands for now, and its clients, while based on the African continent.  

    2. What informed the need to create Africa Talent?

    • Africa Talent aims to tap into Africa’s youthful and growing population, upskill it and use the myriad of hybrid and remote working technology to service the talent needs of areas such as Western Europe, which are characterised by an ageing workforce.
    • Africa Talent is therefore designed to position Africa’s skilled pool talent to address Europe’s talent shortages.

    3. Is Deloitte Netherlands the only joint venture partner?

    • For now, yes. However, it is envisaged that other member firms will be recruited to become shareholder member firms. These shareholders will not be investing to make a financial return on their investment. Their return will be in the form of accessing high quality, agile skills pool at a competitive cost.

    4. What kind of opportunities does it offer?

    • Africa Talent currently offers opportunities that sit within Risk Advisory. These are opportunities linked to  areas such as IT Audit as well data analytics, cyber security and financial transactions processing and support. They will also work in areas including financial and regulatory risk, sustainability as well as internal audit.

    5.      What type of graduates does it aim to recruit?

    • Africa talent is aimed at a broad range of graduates, including those with limited experience and the unemployed graduates. Africa Talent will also target experienced hires who are looking international experience without having to leave their home country. Where possible, it will also aim to attract school leavers who show potential but may not have had an opportunity to pursue tertiary education. Graduates will be drawn from areas such as law, commerce, science and he humanities fields.

    6. How Many graduates does its aim to recruit and what proportion are likely to be unemployed graduates?

    • At its pilot phase, Africa Talent will recruit graduates throughout Sub Saharan. Beyond the pilot phase, the growth of the programme will be influenced by the growth of the European practice. For example, the Consulting Division of Deloitte Northern and Southern Europe will grow by 12 000 positions over the next five years. A significant portion of these will be filled by Africa Talent.

    7. How will the graduates and other candidates be remunerated?

    • Candidate will be remunerated in line with Deloitte pay scales and policies for various graduate positions and across management levels. These are market related.

    8. How is the programme funded?

    • As the founding shareholders Deloitte Africa and Deloitte Netherlands will commit an investment of R 25 million with dividends from the programme re invested for its growth.

    9. Are the employment opportunities temporary or permanent?

    • The opportunities are long term contractual and permanent in nature. The positions offered by Deloitte Netherlands and its clients range from being project based to long term in nature.

    10. How does Africa Talent exist alongside other Deloitte Graduate programme, including those in Audit and Consulting?

    • Africa Talent is an independent business unit within Deloitte.  It will, however, leverage off existing  graduate programme to offer the full talent experience to its beneficiaries.

    11.  Can beneficiaries access opportunities in other parts of the Deloitte Network?

    • The new leadership of Deloitte has an area of focus called Talent Reimagined. One of its key features is to increase co-operation between regions across the Africa member firm through the exchange of talent. Africa Talent will benefit in line with this policy.

    12.  Can candidates access opportunities at the location of European clients?

    • The aim of Africa talent is to retain talent within the African continent for the benefit of Deloitte and clients with a presence on the continent. Global labour mobility allows for workers to move across geographies. Thus, while it is possible to access opportunities in Europe, this is not the primary aim of Africa Talent.