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I blame it on the people 

Unique people make for an interesting conversation, interesting conversations develop into life-long relationships. Imagine a work place where leaders inspire other leaders and colleagues become friends, a support system that brings out the best in you, and one that helps you reach your full potential. If you can imagine this, then you can image what it feels like to be part of the family at Deloitte.

Saberah Ebrahim works within Risk Advisory in the Deloitte South Africa office and paints a picture of what stands out about Deloitte’s culture for her:

Nature of People: “From the day I started at Deloitte I gained a sense of belonging solely based on the manner in which people engage with one another - as an introvert who is initially rather reserved, this kind of environment has created an ease and comfort in my approach when interacting with others”

Humble environment: “People at Deloitte don’t walk around with their titles, anyone can walk into a Partners office and have a chat”

Team dynamic: “In my team we work hard and play hard, if one person has a deadline we all come together, collaborate and take personal ownership to ensure that we deliver the highest quality to our clients. We have fun with this approach which forms the foundation of our relationships.” Deloitte #MakingAnImpactThatMatters 

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