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Working mom at Deloitte gets her work-life balance right

Candice Kress is a mother of two children, has been married for 5 years and works within Deloitte HR – she tells her story of how she successfully balances her life as a working mom.

Everyone seems to hold the image of a woman picking up the groceries she dropped from the floor whilst carrying her child in the one hand and her bag strap falling off the other.

Which is rather humorous when one actually finds yourself in one of those moments – that moment when you take a deep breath and admit “I need structure!” – and by structure what us moms really mean is “I need an au pair, a driver and 2 more pairs of hands, oh and maybe the supernatural power to be in two places at the same time!”

But to really feel like a poised super human without those powers is quite a satisfying feeling and from personal experience very possible.

What balance means for me:

A good work-out – This is something I cannot and simply will not sacrifice, I feel the difference in my day and mood when I miss a work out simply because that’s my happy place. I make sure I wake up earlier than the rest of the household to get this done before the chaos of getting everyone ready for the day begins

Being able to drop off and pick up my children to and from school as well as being able to attend theirimportant events

Having enough energy to ensure I do not fall short of giving my love and support 

Meeting my responsibilities as a spouse – I have fallen in love with online shopping! 

I’m sure your “balance list” contain some of the same items as mine.

However there is one pivotal item over and above my list, the aspirations linked to my professional career. My career journey has been nothing short of growth, challenge and opportunity – and still has the potential to reach greater altitudes. It’s not about sacrificing career goals to be more accessible as a spouse or parent – it’s about all rounded balance!

Deloitte provides a conducive environment for me to achieve all of the above, these three particular offerings make a true impact in my life:

Flexi –time – the value in this goes beyond simply doing school trips, it allows for me to be the first person to gauge what my children’s day was like 

Management style – our culture makes all the difference, one of genuine concern and understanding when family emergencies pop up, I never need to feel torn between work responsibilities and doing the right thing 

Career development  - Having a mentor assigned to you from your first day at work is a value add that has been tremendously beneficial to me, being able to have personal career conversations at my fingertips has shown a direct correlation to my progression at work 

Here are some of my tips:

• Figure out what “me time” looks like for you (something you enjoy that makes you feel good) and make that a priority

• If you are a parent, plan what you will be packing in the kids lunch for the upcoming week

• Wake up earlier than you are if you need to create the balance – it is worth it!

• Find a diet plan that suits you 

• Speak to other parents to find out how they get it right 

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