Integrating multiple passions into one career path

Deloitte professional, Musician and Business Owner 

Musician Dewald Ferreira speaks about how the culture at Deloitte unlocks the opportunity for him to do all that he loves

There seems to be a misconception that assumes we all need to find that one thing that makes you tick and once you find that one thing you will have found what your passion and purpose is meant to be. So we all go off on this journey with tunnel vision at first, exploring a few options that may peak our interest and later dive a little deeper into them to assess how well we perform. At this stage all is good and well, in fact rather exciting once you find that you are quite naturally talented at a few things – this is a feel good and confidence boost, until… it’s time to choose one path.

If you have found yourself in this situation then you may be familiar with the build-up of frustration of having to decide between a few choices that started out as an interest but later developed into a love, it’s like asking a parent to choose one child and the others need to be given to another family.

Well here’s my story, I have two heartfelt passions – Business and Music and I’m doing everything I love! I’m not sure if I’m really meant to call it work-life balance instead of “life works” but if I can some up what it feels like it would be along the lines of “what a time to be alive!”

As part of the Financial Institution Services Team (FIST) at Deloitte I have had the privilege to work with prestige clients, talented colleagues and admirable leaders. However, one of the most impactful aspects about working at Deloitte is the opportunity that is unlocked by having a work-life balance.

I am passionate about playing the guitar and harmonica, I am aware that we all have a genre of music that speak to and touches the depth of our soul but to be the person that creates the acoustics of what feeds my spirit with warmth and tickles my day with liveliness is a love that defines a large portion of who Dewald is. If work defines you and you have a one dimensional approach to life, then there’s a problem. 

Yes, I’m a Deloittion and a musician but I am also a businessman – being exposed from childhood to the business my family run may route back to where my passion for business ignited. With my parents not getting any younger my responsibilities within the family business has expanded.

But how do I manage to find time to deliver exceptional work to my clients in a high paced environment, devote ten hours a week to music and still ensure operations in our family business are running smoothly? Honestly, I would not have been able to do it without the flexibility offered by Deloitte and here is how they help me achieve work-life balance:

• Working differently policy: Deloitte has redefined our working environment through addressing and meeting the expectations of clients need to be flexible. This gives us the opportunity to decide where, when and how we work. This policy challenges the widespread perception that “face time” or visibility in the office automatically equals productivity. Working offsite or working from home because I have a client meeting nearby home as opposed to the office provides me with more time on my hands by saving on the time spent to travel.  
• Management style: Not having management who watch their clocks closely to determine the time you arrive and leave allows one to feel confident through the autonomy this gives as well as at ease when having a personal emergency / crisis 

• Leadership style: Leaders at Deloitte take pride in and place value on integrity, being treated with trust embodies a wealth of stamina to do what I do best knowing that I have the support of my colleagues because we believe in each other – not only to meet our requirements but to find comfort in knowing that everyone goes over and above what is expected.

The above three are fundamental points that make my Talent Experience at Deloitte a homely one. It allows me the time to enjoy the finer elements in life due to the flexible nature of the culture at Deloitte. Yes, it is possible to have more than one passion and still have best of both worlds. 

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