Deloitte Human Capital team, LEAP schools and A Girl like Alice 

Celebrating empowerment together 

Empowerment is created when parties that have the same objective come together to not only address but provide guidance on how to create success as a solution to the gaps identified in communities. Deloitte connects strengths with LEAP schools and A Girl Like Alice to motivate and inspire a sense of empowerment within learners.

Quest speaker Alex Granger captivated learners by the delivery of his presentation “Undeniable greatness” – the impact of his message was painted on the face of each learner, engrossed and enlightened with a stronger sense of purpose. 

The day encompassed a variety of activities centralised around the theme of empowerment, this involved the active participation of learners as they contributed to the discussions exploring empowerment. 

Topics unpacked: 

• Leadership – what does it mean to be a leader?

• Communicating with Impact – and how would I do that?

• Entrepreneurship – what does it really mean to be an entrepreneur, day to day?
  – we invited entrepreneurs from last years’ Impact Day to join us and run this discussion

• Career Counselling – and how do I get there?

• Student advisors – what are the next steps?

• CVs and Interviews – how do I write a CV and conduct myself in an interview?

• Waste Management – how do I recycle and help my community?

• Speed MENTORdating – asking our colleagues the tough question


Excerpts captured from learners on their experience of the day:

“I know that I have great potential and I can achieve my dream”

“You taught me to be confident and believe in myself”

“I will spread my wings and fly to success”

“I learned that there are many career fields out there that I never even knew about”

“You helped me to realise how important my school studies are now”

“I learned that I have to work had for what I want and never give up”

“I know how to communicate and how to be in an interview”


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