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Cut-off times

Cut-off time for ALL events is 12h30, which means the following cut-offs:

Running Challenges


Half-way cut off time

Full cut-off time

Marathon (42km)  

3 hours

6 hours

Half Marathon (21km)


5 hours 15 minutes

Ten-K (10km)


5 hours



The cut-off time for the Marathon is 6 hours (i.e. finish by 12h30).

There is a cut-off time of 3 hours (09h30) at Sibaya circle (23km). Runners
who do not reach Sibaya circle by 09h30 will be instructed by traffic officials to
leave the road. These runners will be transported to the finish venue.


Cycle Challenge

Cyclists who have:

  • NOT passed the M4 Sibaya Circle (approximately 20km) by 07h15,
    (approximately 1 hour 15 minutes after the start of the last batch), or
  • NOT reached the Virginia Airport circle by 07h45, or
  • NOT completed the Cycle Race in 2 hours 30 minutes
    will be requested to leave the road by authorised officials and be transported with their bicycles to the finish.
Contact details

Host Club: Dolphin Coast Striders

Race Director: Barry Holland

Race Office: 032 586 3822

Race Email: deloitte@dolphincoaststriders.co.za

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