Life at Deloitte

I came in as a trainee 

21 years down the line I am celebrating 6 years as a Partner

Folorunso Hunga serves 6 years as a Partner within the Deloitte Nigeria office, he mentions that the nature of Leadership within Deloitte play a crucial role in aspiring him to be the Leader he is today

When I started as a trainee at Deloitte I would have never imagined that 21 years later I’d be celebrating 6 years as a Partner with the very same firm. This journey has honoured and solidified key values, ethics and lessons that have determined the manner in which I carry out leadership etiquette in my behaviour, my decision making and as a leader.

Leaders before me have made a fundamental contribution to shaping the identity of what I define as a leader. I have had the pleasure to observe and work with many thought leaders, distinct characters and talented individuals with in my 21 years at Deloitte.

As a leader I first and foremost aim to lead by example – this quality stems from observing a Partner take full responsibility for an error made on a project that my team had been working diligently on. To be present in moments such as this is inspiring to say the least, not only did I learn the value of taking responsibility irrespective of accountability but I learned to approach deliverables with the mind-set that there is always room for error, this assists in responding rationally in such situations.

Leaders at Deloitte are humble, down to earth and passionate about their work. The importance placed on developing employees and creating platforms for colleagues to excel is evident in the selfless act of giving all credit to the team for when exceptional client deliveries are achieved.

The actions taken and demonstrated by many of these leaders demonstrate sound leadership judgement. Throughout my career I have made conscious notes of the qualities I desire to develop as a leader, many of these criteria were shaped by the behaviours displayed from leaders I have looked up to. Due to my personal approach in defining leadership it is crucial to not underestimate the impact of leading by example.

I believe a good leader places communication on a pedestal as this has proven to impact results in a break it or make it way it is therefore vital for the whole team to have complete transparency of all objectives. I make it my duty to include everyone and encourage my teams regardless of their level to make contributions and decisions, I aim to embody confidence in them through displaying my trust in their judgement, I am here to inspire future leaders. Much like the words of Benjamin Franklin "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."

Internal initiatives and platforms at Deloitte are put in place solely to meet the objective of developing internal Talent, to mention two which provide impactful insight into current performance levels and areas of performance that require development are the Management Assessment Development Centre and the Leadership Assessment and Development Centre. These two platforms specifically have impacted both my career and personal journey.

The Manager Assessment and Development Centre targeted at managers is exclusively focused on the level of efficiency that management is performing at and further provides action points and programs that are advised to attend for one to reach their optimal level of performance. After attending this assessment many of my blind spots were revealed and my development path ahead was promising.

Secondly is the Leadership Assessment and Development Centre targeted at senior managers who get assessed by a panel of six 3rd year partners. This platform assesses and determines ones potential of becoming a Partner within Deloitte, this experience if anything was an eye-opener. Amidst the high pressure, intimidation and nerves this is where my respect for leaders at Deloitte was instilled to a completely new level. For 6 partners to dedicate a week of their time to dissect and guide my individual development going forward despite their client commitments and busyness plays as a significant highlight in my life.

Today as a leader I still get inspired by fellow leaders within Deloitte by their wins and by their calibre. I get inspired by seeing individuals who work with me reach new successes. The challenging and meaningful work I do contributes to how passionate I am about what I do. I have had a wonderful experience at Deloitte and plan to inspire others through:

  • Positive affirmative
  • Developing, nurturing and guiding Talent
  • Acting with integrity
  • Open and transparent communication
  • Inclusion

Deloitte is a meaningful and impactful environment to work in, the opportunities are within reach to grab - only you can limit the heights you reach

My question to you reading this is, how will you inspire leaders and make an impact that matters?

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