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My Talent experience at Deloitte -What impact will you make?

I am an active believer in giving back to communities. The opportunity to align my children's charity work with initiatives run by Deloitte to uplift underprivileged communities, is fulfilling.

It may be hard to imagine an organisation that will support your decision to hold off a promotion for 7 years, one that would afford the luxury of time, to pause and align one’s personal and career aspirations - this is a rare value add to any employee.

A few years ago I was afforded the decision to enhance my career growth with a much desirable promotion. To my heart’s content, I instead made the decision to continue to grow my family – in this moment I experienced the greatest impact Deloitte could have made on me; whole-heartedly supported by my leadership, they encouragingly accepted my decision.

Surpassing my expectations, the offer to grab the promotion at a more suitable time was left available for me to pursue. This act of kindness, understanding and support will forever be a memorable one and has inspired me to encourage others to instil confidence when faced with difficult decisions.

As the Consulting Leader for Deloitte Women in Leadership, I use this platform to inspire, connect and engage other women in the business with related challenges.

Beyond this passion, I am a firm believer in giving back to the community, and I do so by aligning the Deloitte values and internal initiatives with my children's charity work to help underprivileged communities. The collaboration of these experiences bring together my personal and professional lives, this has made a distinctive impact on my 18 year journey with Deloitte.

What impact will you make? #ImpactThatMatters

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