Life at Deloitte

Deloitte South Africa CEO - Lwazi Bam

My Deloitte Talent experience. What impact will you make?

We are a progressive firm, passionate about sustaining our undisputed leadership in professional services.

Deloitte is all I’ve ever known. I joined the firm from university and began my journey in what was then known as Entrepreneurial Services which formed part of our Audit Service Line and then spent a large part of my career in Corporate Finance

In my 22 years with the firm, my biggest highlight is the year I made Partner – this is an achievement I cherish to date.

As a firm, our integration into becoming Deloitte Africa is a monumental shift that we have the pleasure of celebrating, we now reap the successes of a more transformed business, and one that’s globally represented; As CEO of Deloitte Africa I’m filled with pride, and honoured to say that in my career I had the opportunity at Deloitte, to lead, and be part of such a progressive step into the future of our business.

I feel privileged to work in an environment that is passionate about its people, where we do away with hierarchy and encourage an open door policy for all. As a firm, we have set an influential example of a continuously evolving business because we’ve challenged ourselves to remain relevant and stay ahead of our evolving client needs. I am proud to be a part of an organisation that strives to work with and within our community, country and continent, for the benefit of all.

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