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Joe Eshun - Deloitte East Africa CEO

My Talent experience at Deloitte -What impact will you make?

Deloitte is an organisation that influences meaningful change and delivers sustainable solutions that positively impacts its clients and the communities in which it operates.

I’ve been fortunate to lead several large scale multi-year projects for both private and public sector clients. The highlight for me is the comprehensive US$ 150 million USAID funded Health/HIV programme designed to assist individuals residing in Tanzania to receive care. Through this program, which was launched in 2004, Deloitte has managed to serve more than 15% of the over 800,000 people on ARV treatment in Tanzania, and changed their lives for the better. The results from our work includes the improved access to quality, integrated and comprehensive HIV care and treatment services in four large regions in Tanzania.

Traffic is a major problem in most cities and Dar es Salaam is no exception. I had the privilege of leading a multi-functional team to develop the business plans and financial models for Tanzania’s Bus Rapid Transit system. This PPP plan is in its first year of implementation and anytime I drive past the dedicated bus lanes it is humbling but a joy to see how our work has helped reduce the traffic in Dar es Salaam and allowed thousands of residents to travel in dignity. To see the impact of well thought out plans is a great motivator to go the extra mile and raise the bar that much higher.

In 2011, Deloitte carried out a strategic review of the National Health Insurance Fund in Kenya at the request of the International Finance (IFC). Health insurance is always a contentious issue whether in Africa, Europe or America and it was therefore not surprising to find this to be the case for this very uniquely challenging assignment. There were sleepless nights but it taught the team and I great lessons that we have used in other assignments. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment when I see majority of our recommendations being implemented that have led to greater access to health financing in Kenya.

These are just a few of the accomplishments that I have experienced in my 15 years with Deloitte and it does fill me with a sense of pride. I am a strong champion of our behavioural and business approach of as “OneDeloitte” which I believe is an asset that we can leverage to create a significant impact for our clients and communities. Deloitte will continue to influence change and deliver sustainable solutions that matter to our stakeholders.

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