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Ruwayda Redfearn - Partner at Deloitte

My Talent experience at Deloitte -What impact will you make?

From working in Deloitte New York offices as a JIT trainee, to reporting to our Global CEO as a young partner.

It’s been an awarding 19 years to say the least. From the word go, upon joining the firm as a trainee accountant in the Durban office, I’ve been afforded exciting experiences to venture on. The opportunity go on secondment to Deloitte New York offices opened a world of opportunity and growth. In retrospect, coming back from New York into a managerial position and being awarded Partnership in 2004 comes the realisation that these achievements were only the begging of the highlights I was yet to experience.

In 2009 a council of 22 young partners from various countries around the world had elected me to Chair the Young Partner Advisory Counsel. We worked together on a year-long global project on Innovation, where I reported to our Global CEO at the time. This has been one of the most impactful and unforgettable highlights in my career with Deloitte.

In 2010 I was assigned Audit Leader for KwaZulu-Natal, serving our largest clients. Well aware of the demands placed on practitioners from a professional aspect, and the responsibilities we carry from the demands of our family, I became actively and passionately involved in asserting a culture that creates a healthy balance.

Driving wellness in our offices, I initiated a “goal campaign”, this focuses on all practitioners identifying a few personal goals they’d like to achieve. Goals are placed on a wall, communities and networks are established among those who have similar goals, and together we motivate each other to achieve them. From decisions to quit smoking to finding the time to attend book clubs or running a marathon – this is a way of encouraging our Talent to prioritise involvement in hobbies and re-engage with that which we are passionate about.

Deloitte is a place where impacts are both experienced and made.

What impact will you make? #ImpactThatMatters

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