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A meaningful Talent Experience

Life happens, interests change

People at Deloitte are of a unique calibre, the living definition of Top Talent. These great minds allure an exclusivity that make each of them distinct from one another. So what attracts and retains futuristic individuals to work at Deloitte? Simple – it’s creating a meaningful Talent Experience

Ashish Bhoola from Deloitte South Africa provides an insight into his Talent Experience at Deloitte and highlights some of his personal pivotal points.

Flexibility in changing career paths: “My career at Deloitte started in Risk and Governance, I then transitioned into the SAP HR functional team as a SAP HR Functional specialist within Talent and Transformation, the personal growth from this transition has been invaluable along with the mentorship provided by Deloitte which has supported me in making strategic career decisions that speak to what I am passionate about and aligned to my strengths.”

Knowledge sharing: “Knowing that colleagues on higher levels rely on and value my advice to service their clients better is validation to the impact I am making on a broader scale. Training new SAP HR employees, the exchange of best practice from fellow colleagues and the willingness of everyone to work as a team whether it is aligned to their role or not makes the talent experience at Deloitte a distinctive one.”

Continuous learning: “Knowledge sharing in turn motivates me to stay abreast of all the latest training and courses related to my field of work. Learning is an aspect that Deloitte has always encouraged, the support received both from a skills development and financial assistance perspective to attend external courses is a great value add to me”  

Personal Leadership: “Being aware that everything I do at Deloitte truly makes a difference and given the autonomy to shape and make decisions within my portfolio fills my day with purpose.”                                                                                                                 

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