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About Deloitte in Malawi

The Malawi firm profile and size

The firm was established in 1947 and operates in Malawi through two offices in Blantyre and Lilongwe. The firm has 82 professional staff including 5 partners. It was the first receiver of the ACCA award as ‘quality checked’ in Africa. The firm has the single largest training office in Malawi. Deloitte is an equal opportunity employer, with 33 female professional staff, 4 as managers.

In addition to the professional staff we have twenty five support staff.  Included in the support staff is our four member IT Unit which supports our professional IT platform as well as general accounting administration.


Servicing your needs

We believe our firm is uniquely placed to provide you with the service that we believe you require:

  • We are a firm of international repute and a leading provider of audit, taxation and accounting services in Malawi;
  • Our long-term involvement in all sectors of the Malawi economy means that we have considerable experience of the various taxation and accounting issues ensures that you have the appropriate help handy;
  • We believe we have an unrivalled range of clients giving us a depth of experience and expertise. Our clients cover all sectors of the economy including the financial services giving you that comfort about our capabilities;
  •  As a result of our recruiting policies and strong commitment to training we have a unique pool of highly qualified and motivated professional staff as we always employ the best to serve you;
  • We have a sophisticated, well-developed and cost effective audit approach, which is tailored to meet specific client needs. Our approach is used in all Deloitte firms throughout the world and encompasses the latest auditing techniques ensuring that you get the same quality of service as you would get anywhere on the globe; and
  • We have a commitment to training and this ensures that our staff and our business partners are kept up to date with developments in the profession.  All our staff are adequately trained within the firm and attend regular courses facilitated by Deloitte to enhance their skills.
The Malawi practice incorporates the following service lines:
  •  Assurance and Advisory Services;
  • Risk Advisory;
  • Tax Consulting;
  • Consulting for both public and private sector;
  • Tip-Offs Anonymous;
  • Corporate Finance;
  • Financial Management; and
  • Corporate Governance.




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