Our added value in Mozambique

What makes us truly different in Mozambique is not how big we are nor what services we offer. It is the way we work for tangible results.

We aim to be the trusted advisors to our clients, in order to help them maximise their business goals and drive a positive difference in society, and we do this in a timely manner as we have access to experts around the world that – if needed - can complement our local capacity and skills.

In rapidly shifting market conditions and socio-economic circumstances a new paradigm is required, and companies need to find new innovative strategies to ensure, both their economic sustainability, as well as their viable “social license to operate”. Through multidisciplinary teams, we offer clients not only innovative business models to deal with cost, capital, efficiency, talent, technology and digitisation, but the implementation of new strategies to manage rising stakeholder demands, strategic risks related to their “social license to operate” and increased regulatory requirements linked to socio-economic priorities.

Despite being a global reputable brand, we are a local company with 25 years in Mozambique, working closely with clients who share our values and sense of integrity to make an impact that matters.

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