Our contribution towards inclusive economic development

For economic growth and prosperity to be inclusive, multinationals and large corporates have a role to play in assisting small enterprises and entrepreneurs become part of their value chain.

Given its wide footprint in Africa and large client-base of some of the world’s largest businesses, Deloitte Africa has the leverage to make sure that investments in small enterprises are scalable and sustainable. In South Africa, the emphasis on enterprise and supplier development (ESD) is about growing the pipeline of black-owned suppliers because of the historical exclusion of black people from the formal economy.

Our suppliers are considered business partners rather than a regulatory obligation, and we experience our investments in ESD, whether financial time-based or by opening doors, as a mutually beneficial relationship. We believe that economic transformation presents as many opportunities to the larger, more established businesses as it does to the emerging businesses which they support.

For example, Deloitte Digital extended its commitment to Grindstone which is the structured entrepreneurship development programme through which 10 SMEs grew revenue by 54%, 23 new jobs were created and business fundamentals increased by 27%.


In numbers:

Supplier Development contribution recognised by mPowerRatings


of net profit after  tax


Enterprise Development contribution recognised by mPowerRatings


of net profit after tax


Contribution towards socio-economic development


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