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Exceeding employee expectations

How I got more than I had bargained for

When a firm exceeds the expectations of its employees it sure is a pleasant surprise. People at Deloitte have high expectations and create a high performing culture which means that they will always deliver high quality work to their clients - expectations surpassed with meaningful opportunities.

From Deloitte Luxembourg, a small city in Europe to Deloitte Namibia, Bettina Walter shares her Deloitte experience: 

Mobility: “I have recently been seconded to Namibia for 2 years after spending 7 years in the Luxembourg office. One can only imagine the wealth of experience gained from learning about a new culture, country and continent! It has been pleasantly refreshing to collaborate with minds that have a different context to mine – it is enriching to say the least and an unforgettable opportunity.”

Diversity: “The fluidity across levels is a great value add – we share ideas and brainstorm together as a team from junior to the most senior level. We learn by putting our strengths together and because of this we exceed expectations.”

Servicing clients: “We are currently introducing a new Service Line called BPaaS in Namibia, this is particularly exciting for both myself and my team as we will be providing clients with non-traditional services that will be adapting to and addressing what clients have wanted in the past and now need more than ever.”  Deloitte #MakingAnImpactThatMatters 

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