Recovery Labs – roads to recover to thrive

Prepare your organisation to thrive in a world remade by the pandemic

An unimaginable, single event has caused immense disruption and propelled the world into a new reality. How will you navigate uncertainty, accelerate a rapid recovery and position your business to grow in volatile times? Your organisation needs a master strategy intervention to develop a response plan critical for your short-term recovery, as well as medium to long term ability to thrive in a new economic construct.

Many organisations globally are grappling with how to respond to the public health and economic crises of COVID-19. Historically, organisations that respond well to crises may emerge even stronger than they were before.

Responding well to crises is a delicate balancing act between a sense of urgency and a sense of perspective—with one eye on the pressing needs of today and one on the strategic positioning for tomorrow’s success.

To help our clients respond to this crisis effectively, we have developed an approach that will address the potential future trajectories of the COVID-19 global pandemic, including social and economic impacts. These insights can prove to be a powerful tool when crafting effective strategic responses and action plans.

The Deloitte Greenhouse® and Monitor Deloitte team has designed a virtual lab experience for engaging participants in thinking more deeply about how the future course of the COVID-19 crisis could affect their organisation—and what to potentially do about it.

The experience is delivered by skilled facilitators at strategic framing, engagement, intervention, analysis, and synthesis. Using insights from the fields of group dynamics, environmental psychology, design thinking, and innovation theory, this lab is an immersive virtual sessions that encourage collaboration, interaction, and unordinary thinking to help you build an understanding of the scenarios, identify the implications to your organisation, and determine your company’s posture towards the future and create an adaptable, high-level action plan.

Key objectives of the Lab will focus on the following:

Key outcomes for your business will be:

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