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Since the early 1980's Deloitte has been at the forefront of business transformation in South Africa, consistently striving to extend our vision and enhance our ability to deliver. We strive for Deloitte to be a fully transformed and vibrant representative of the South African community.

The firm always has, and always will, support sustainable transformation. We stand for authentic change, substance over form, long-term strategy over short-term expediency. We are building a firm that feels like home for everyone; a place characterised by fairness, trust and respect, passion for our work, excellence in client service, and the recognition that we are multi-faceted human beings with families, friends and interests which are an integral part of who we are.

Accountability for Transformation rests with our CEO, Lwazi Bam, who reports to the Board on strategic progress. The Transformation Board, comprising the firm’s Chairman, CEO, COO and senior business leaders is charged with formulating and driving strategy. All Business Unit Leaders have Transformation as a key performance indicator and they, in turn, hold their partners and directors accountable for the achievement of specific qualitative and quantitative goals.

The core of our transformation strategy is to develop our leadership from within. Retaining talent for long-term careers requires that we provide exceptional work experience, ongoing learning and a constantly evolving corporate culture.   Change, if it is to be meaningful and on going, must come from the heart. These principles guide our thinking.

Through consultation with key internal and external stakeholders, we have identified and developed our transformation goals. They are holistic and far-reaching, designed to transform Deloitte into a truly African firm.

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