Transition from University to work life 

The work-life balance of a young professional at Deloitte 

Bustling with energy, the love for new experience and excitement to start a new chapter defines the charisma of our youth – what makes Deloitte a favourable environment for what young professionals will encounter? Bheki Mndebele shares his story and tips on balancing life and work.

For someone from a small town fantasising about the “city-life dream” where careers launch to great heights and the title of a professional gets groomed and later inherited does not happen very often. Rarer than that is the opportunity to work at ones dream organisation - the one you have been eyeing for a good amount of time, visualising yourself in sophisticated boardrooms where decisions that create change in the world of business are made.

The typical scenario of rushing out the door with my tie undone, coffee in my cup still half full and hooting in traffic trying not to be late is one that funny enough appealed to me, simply because behind the chaos is a man with purpose, a man that is filled with enthusiasm and drive – but also a man that is extremely late and needs to develop better time management!

My insight into life at Deloitte will demonstrate how the above scenario has transformed to one I now find more attractive; the well-groomed professional, composed and assertive with enough time to take a selfie before finishing his coffee and charmingly puts on his sunglasses as he takes off to travel to work.

Within my first week I learned that Deloitte has a fast paced culture filled with top talented professionals who all have so much going on and yet manage to maintain composure and come across as personable.

As a young professional with a steep learning curve ahead I encountered a challenge in the midst of my excitement – resisting temptation! With exciting work coming through all the time and continuous opportunity to gain exposure to new projects promising a wealth of industry knowledge and my mind growling from hunger to learn as much as I can – how does one decide to “miss out” on these opportunities to avoid feeling overwhelmed? And more so, as a part – time student working full-time how do I ensure good health and avoid burn out?

This is when I realised that work-life balance is a distinct definition for each individual. For some it may be meeting family and work demands – for me it is about how I deliver the best quality results to clients as an employee as well as achieve pleasing academic results as a student.

At Deloitte I discovered that I don’t need to find this balance solely on my own, but that I can and do get support from Deloitte who encourage me to reach my goals and keep my ambitions high. My transition has been exciting to say the least, but this is why:

Deloitte initiatives that make a personal impact on me:

• Study leave: Not only does this help take the pressure off finding enough time to study, but the amount of days provided is more than one could ask for 

• Flexi-time: I dedicate my evenings to study which in some cases would mean I’d be losing out on needed sleep – the flexi-time at Deloitte allows me to get in enough hours of sleep to feel fresh for the next day knowing that I can come into work later than the usual working hours

• Courses: Relevant courses offered that have beneficially assisted me in understanding my own working style and ways of adapting it to all my work and study demands. Implementing the learnings from the time-management course has been impactful with the way I go about prioritisation

Tips to balance life:

• First and foremost, adopt a positive mental state of mind with the right attitude and stay focused on the end goal

• Prioritise, prioritise and prioritise 

• Plan your month in advance allowing room for unexpected events 

• Always fit in socialising with friends / family / colleagues 

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