Deloitte WorldClimate

Towards net-zero by 2030

Deloitte has launched WorldClimate our global plan to become net-zero across our operations by 2030 and drive responsible climate choices within our organisation and beyond.

Our WorldClimate strategy articulates our responsibility to get our own house in order, to inspire our people to act, and to engage our ecosystems and alliances in our cause.

WorldClimate focuses on creating awareness of personal choices and changing behaviours – both within our firm and among those we influence – to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental sustainability continues to be a C-suite level priority for Deloitte, and advancing Deloitte’s progress on sustainability and climate change is prominent on our Responsible Business and Public Policy agenda.

We recognise change starts within. Deloitte must set and meet higher standards for itself, including achieving net-zero emissions by 2030. To achieve this, we must make major changes to how we do business, including:

  • Reducing business travel, aligned with science-based climate methodologies.
  • Sourcing renewable energy for our buildings.
  • Considering the environmental impact of all our policies and practices, from procurement processes to the events our people attend.
  • Engaging with our major suppliers to promote their adoption of science-based targets, and making investments to address unabated emissions.
  • Inspiring our people to understand and use the power and influence they have as individuals to make responsible choices to reduce their individual and household impacts.
Deloitte Africa climate strategy
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