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Deloitte Greenhouse - Cape Town

What is a Deloitte Greenhouse™?

Deloitte Greenhouse™ is an innovative environment that changes the way Deloitte clients solve their business challenges.

Deloitte Greenhouses are cutting-edge physical spaces located around the world designed to help our clients tackle their most complex challenges. We apply a tested set of principles that combine behavioural science, analytics, technology, and facilitation to breakthrough traditional methods of problem-solving. The Greenhouse lab sessions are designed to take participants outside of their everyday environments, disrupt conventional thinking, spur creativity, bring about new perspectives, and lead to meaningful solutions.

Contact us to find out more about the Greenhouse Lab offerings and how we can assist your team to reach breakthrough. 

Johnathan Smit


Greenhouse Cape Town

Deloitte Greenhouse Cape Town
1st Floor, The Square Cape Quarter
27 Somerset Road, Greenpoint 8005

Contact us:
021 427 5646

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