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Financial reporting in today’s market place, presents corporates with the challenge of keeping pace with new and complex International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) requirements, as well as evolving Regulatory and Corporate governance requirements.

Deloitte Assurance Services specialise in providing a wide range of financial management advisory and project solutions services to a wide range of public and private sector clients with the key objective of enhancing confidence in organisations accounting and reporting frameworks.

When you seek assurance, Deloitte is the first place you should turn. We address complex accounting matters, transactional events, finance organisations, internal financial controls, and an ever expanding range of topics that result from market disruption. We are continually adapting our service offerings so that you can be ready to act with confidence as markets evolve.

For Deloitte, assurance is more than a reactive matter. We do more than simply look at past events and performance to issue a report. We take a proactive approach, addressing the entire ecosystem of variables that decision-makers must consider. We provide value and insight that build confidence and unlock opportunity. It is one of the fundamental ways we help individuals and organisations Aspire with Assurance.

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