Directors’ Alert 2017

Courage under fire: Embracing disruption

Disruption is a topic everyone is talking about. While many organizations fear it, others realize the many opportunities that disruptive technologies, processes, and social norms present. But with every opportunity comes an element of risk—not every disruption will positively impact your enterprise.

In our 2017 edition of Directors’ Alert, several of Deloitte’s business leaders as well as independent non-executive directors of global organizations share their unique insights on how boards can prepare for and leverage disruption—while highlighting select areas where boards should be focusing their time in 2017. These topics include:

• Strategy: Injecting courage into strategy
• Culture: The key to driving strategy and everything else
• Technology: Realigning the organization in a digital world
• Innovation: Has your organization found its disruptive advantage?
• Compensation: All the stakeholders are watching
• Board effectiveness: Collective intelligence and diversity of thought
• Transparency: Will more disclosure mean greater clarity?
• Disruption—opportunities, risks, and courage

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