The Audit Committee Report

Analysing the trends in South Africa

In an increasingly complex business environment, the need for effective governance is paramount. More and more investors and other stakeholders turn to the audit committee to ensure accountability and transparency.

In South Africa, audit committees are highly regarded and regulated with legislation specifically governing the duties and composition of the committee. King IV confirms the central role of the audit committee and proposes a number of specific disclosures. These disclosures are intended to provide stakeholders with relevant information and comfort in the oversight function of the audit committee.

This report covers topic such as:

  • Composition
  • Skills and experience
  • Diversity
  • Chairperson of the board and the audit committee
  • Meetings
  • Disclosures
  • Non-statutory disclosures

Audit Commitee today face a host of competing priorities in an ever-changing regulatory and governance landscape. Download our latest edition on analysing the trends in South Africa now.


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