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This is not merely an opportunity to move back but rather an opportunity to move forward.  

Deloitte East Africa - Bringing African Ex-pats Back Home to African Soil

The Deloitte East Africa - Bringing Africans back to Africa campaign is a vehicle for any interested African diaspora professional to return to the continent and make an impact that matters.

This is not merely an opportunity to move back rather, to move forward.

The opportunities in Africa are limitless. Unprecedented economic growth makes Africa, the place to be. Current diaspora professionals in the continent are capitalising on this opportunity to expand their professional development, contribute to their home country’s growth and reconnect with their family.

Interested in learning more? Follow the links on the Deloitte Africa page to learn more about our Firm, and our drive to bring ex-pats back to African soil where they belong, and apply for our current opportunities.

Doreen Mbogho 

Talent Partner | Deloitte East Africa


Welcoming Back our Diaspora

Deloitte East Africa is one of the longest established professional services firm in the region. Its history began in 1907 with the formation of Ramsay & Gill in Kenya. Today, with 25 partners and over 900 employees in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and Ethiopia, Deloitte East Africa is among the largest professional services firms in the region.

Our clients come from a wide variety of local and international organisations, including manufacturing, financial services, agricultural, governmental and charitable bodies.

Our people are among the top talent in the region and have a culture of commitment to each other, and take pride in their achievement and the success of others.

We are looking to grow our business even further in response to the continued positive economic outlook in the region and invite you to be part of this great transformative process. 

Learn more about the Deloitte Africa Homecoming Revolution campaign by visiting our career portal at, to apply for our current and future vacancies.


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