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Opportunities for MBA graduates within Deloitte Consulting are as diverse as the skills developed while completing your MBA.

Areas looking for MBA's within Consulting:

Strategy & Innovation

Adding advantage through: High impact strategy that is executed to deliver sustainable success. Through strategic insight, deep industry experience and innovation that is practical and implementable, we drive pragmatic solutions to future-proof your business, bridging the gap between bug ideas and execution, helping you achieve operational excellence, manage risk and achieve sustainable success.


Monitor Deloitte

Energy & Resources

Financial Services

Consumer Services (TMT - Technology, Media, Technology, Consumer Business)



Adding advantage through: Technology solutions that transform business in terms of ability, agility and output. Shifting technology from a support service to a key driver in unlocking the full opportunity of the business strategy. Deploying technology as a distinct competitive advantage.


AMS (Application Management Services)

EA SAP (Enterprise Applications SAP)

TS&A (Technology, Strategy & Architecture)



Deloitte Digital

Adding advantage through: Shaping the human experience in a digital economy. Using the power of digital creative, XD, social, ERP and mobile to unlock new markets, to enhance consumer and employee engagement, to drive behavior change and increased levels of preference and loyalty through impactful and highly usable Omni-channel experiences.


Technology Integration

Customer Experience

User Experience



Human Capital

Adding advantage through: A high-impact talent strategy that drives business success. Navigating workplace complexity to deliver optimal engagement and measurement platforms, a sustainable high performance culture and a workforce tailored to the business plan.


OT&T (Organization Talent & Transformation)

ARA (Analytics, Rewards and Actuarial services)

HRT (HR Transformation)

Deloitte Academy



MBA Opportunities



Opportunities for MBA graduates within Deloitte Consulting are as diverse as the skills developed while completing your MBA.  Through our four primary service areas, MBA graduates can apply the theoretical knowledge they have developed and explore a host of industries, capabilities and solutions.  We see Deloitte Consulting as a natural stepping stone for newly qualified MBAs looking to fast-track their careers and accelerate their personal and professional development.


MBA graduates would typically enter Consulting as part of the core engagement team, focused on project delivery, at a level commensurate to their skillset, qualification and prior work experience. Deloitte strategy consultants employ cutting-edge approaches to solve our clients’ most complex challenges while identifying opportunities for innovative and sustainable growth. Deloitte’s truly global client base means that you are exposed to engagements across South Africa, the African continent and globally.


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