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Opportunities for experienced professionals in Johannesburg

Our complex, disruptive, ever-more technology-reliant and interconnected world is leaving businesses more exposed than ever. Failure and exploitation, theft, fraud and abuse, are all knocking at the door, every minute of every day. And our visionary people are crafting new ways to keep them out, addressing some of the the biggest issues facing organisations.

Opportunities for experienced cyber security professionals

We are looking for energetic, intellectually curious cyber security professionals who are looking for their next challenge and who can contribute to the development of our team, lead teams of diverse individuals on client projects, work effectively across organisational and geographical boundaries and cultivate new and existing relationships with clients.

If you want to further develop your proven leadership and technical skills, work with a world class peer group and build relationships with some of the world’s biggest and most complex organisations to help them achieve their cyber goals, then please take a look at our openings to the right.

Managing cyber everywhere, so society can go anywhere

The work we do is as transformative as the environment in which we do it.

Deloitte Africa’s Cyber and Technology Risk practice combines a wealth of deep industry knowledge with both business advisory experience and technical expertise. We pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial and innovative culture. From supporting the next generation of cyber talent to investing in emerging technologies such as AI, cloud-based services, and IOT, we’re always at the forefront of cyber risk.

Supported by tools, training, and opportunities to advance leadership capabilities, our world-class teams are motivated by one goal: to drive progress in a dynamic digital world.

Our cyber risk management services include:

  • Cyber Strategy – We help executives develop a cyber program in line with their organization's strategic objectives, helping them drive progress in a dynamic digital world.
  • Secure – We focus on establishing effective controls around an organization’s most sensitive assets, enabling productivity, business growth, and cost optimization.
  • Vigilant – We integrate threat data, IT data, and business data to equip security teams with context-rich intelligence so they can proactively manage cybersecurity and respond more effectively to cyber incidents.
  • Resilient – We offer clients proven proactive and reactive incident management processes and technologies so they can respond to rapidly evolving cyber disruptions from both internal and external forces.

Our global network of Cyber Intelligence Centres (CICs)

Meet Egnes Macheve, Director, Cyber Risk

Do you want to find out more about what a career at Deloitte Cyber could look like?

Egnes began her career at Deloitte as a Junior Consultant in 2003, and became a Director in 2016. She spoke to us how a chance meeting with a Deloitte EXCO member led to the beginning of a 15-year strong journey with Deloitte, and shared her advice for STEM graduates in today’s business landscape. Read more

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