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Talent and Transformation IMPACT Day

Get involved. Make a difference.

The Talent and Transformation team combined their efforts and was joined by Risk, Independence and Legal for IMPACT Day this year.  They aided the Alex Aids Orphans Project in Alexandra which provides support to households headed by grandmothers on pension or youth who’ve lost their parents due to Aids related illnesses. On Friday 7 November the team celebrated the efforts and successes of the grandmothers and youth. It was a bumper filled day with lots of food, cupcake decorating, face painting, hand massages and manicures, a magic show as well as a bouquet of flowers for each granny and goody bags for the children. 



T & T and RIL ran a fundraising campaign to raise money to enable them to address the organisation’s most immediate needs, including providing essential toiletry supplies. They will also be providing the children with school uniforms, study material and sponsor extra tutorials for high school children. A clothing drive was held with many generous donations received.

The team was encouraged by the triumphant stories of hope and resilience shared by the Alex Aids Orphans Project. Some of the children supported by the project are under the care of their grandmothers whose pension grants are their only source of income.  The other children have been left under the care of their young siblings and completely rely on the support provided by the Alex Aids Orphans Project. 

The organisation provides educational support, including school uniforms, textbooks, and homework assistance. They provide food parcels monthly and have established a vegetable garden to provide fresh vegetables regularly to the children. To encourage self-reliance, the organisation offers skills development opportunities to the grandmothers that would hopefully provide additional income streams for the families in the future.


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