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Wellness at Deloitte

Creating a workplace culture of wellness and balance

Our wellbeing strategy promotes a holistic approach to employee wellbeing, allowing our people to realise their potential both personally and professionally.

At Deloitte, we have made a commitment to support our people to be their best and to make an impact that matters. Workplace wellbeing is a professional imperative for us – we know that when our people are balanced, they are more productive, more focused and energised. Each of our leaders recognise the importance of creating a healthy, balanced, safe working environment for our people.

“Holistic wellbeing is important to me as a leader for myself and my team. When I am in balance I am better able to deliver with purpose and really make an impact for my teams and business.”

Shaori Ajodha - Associate Director, Deloitte South Africa

Wellbeing at Deloitte

Our comprehensive wellbeing programme provides support across three tiers – Mind, Body & Purpose. These three focus areas are designed to help each of us realise our full potential – personally and professionally. 

Mind: We enable enduring mental wellness through ongoing learning, resilience and a mentally healthy work environment while also ensuring our people feel engaged in what they do and connected to their colleagues. We support a culture of inclusiveness and respect.

Body: We encourage and support physical health behaviours that build endurance and allow for renewal.

Purpose: Our people feel a sense of purpose and meaning in what they do each day. 


These tiers are inextricably linked: our goal is balance across all dimensions.  We provide a range of support for Deloitte employees across these three focus areas.  


Recent activities include:

  • Pilates, yoga and self-defence classes
  • Corporate Wellness Fairs - including hand & neck massages at our desks and ergonomic assessments of our sitting/working posture. Hearing, vision and fitness tests provided by local suppliers
  • Finance partners providing talks on saving and being present for questions on investing and accounts
  • Online wellness learning programs
  • Onsite doctor and nurse
  • Deloitte-sponsored sports teams
  • Onsite blood donation


Wellbeing has been incorporated into firm-wide programs from corporate and graduate induction, through to the most senior leadership programs. 

Our priorities in continuing to support wellbeing in our workplace will be to have employees who have a good work-life balance, good physical health, reduced stress and who enjoy coming to work. Our fundamental belief is that wellness in our workplace is a crucial aspect of enabling us to achieve our purpose; making an impact that matters to our clients, our people and our communities.

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