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Opportunities to Join a Growing and Dynamic Team in Johannesburg

Data Analytics within Risk Advisory is looking for a variety of passionate and energised candidates ranging in skills and expertise to join their expanding team

What is Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the practice of using data to drive business strategy and performance.  It includes a range of approaches and solutions from looking backward to evaluate what happened in the past, to forward-looking scenario planning and predictive modeling.  Data Analytics spans all of Deloitte’s functional businesses to address a continuum of opportunities in Information Management, Performance Optimization, and Analytic Insights. 

We assist our clients in solving a wide variety of data related problems and define strategies for them to better manage, interpret and monetize their data assets. We are the leaders in analytics both globally and in South Africa and work across all the big companies, with a large focus on financial services and a strong footprint into the rest of Africa.

Using Data to Drive Business ...

What is Information Management

Information Management is about collecting, understanding and controlling data.

“Manage your data, manage your world”

Organisations create, store and transfer massive amounts of data on a daily basis. When appropriately managed it has the potential to deliver significant business value; but, conversely, it also presents a considerable risk if mismanaged.


We assist our clients in designing and implementing data management solutions aimed at delivering true business value. We service some of the largest organisations, across different industries and over a wide range of business functions and capabilities. These include Finance, Risk and Regulation and Customer Relationship Management.


Services include: definition of enterprise data strategy, assessment of data quality across multiple platforms, conformance with regulatory requirements and definitions of data governance structures and frameworks.

Information Management

Govern | Architect | Integrate

What is Performance Optimization?

Performance Optimization is about monitoring and reporting.

“Improving the decision making process by generating insights across an organization”

We take a partially structured approach to the analysis and reporting of information and the capability to deliver analytics; business intelligence and control process solutions. We aim to deliver from the strategy formulation, design of the operating model to the agile implementation of the final solution.

Our methodologies, metrics, processes and analytical applications are developed to monitor and manage the business performance and control environment of an enterprise.

Services include: BI and analytics capability and maturity assessments; BI and analytics strategy and vision creation; operating model design; data warehousing; process analytics; risk and control analytics; strategic, operational and tactical dashboards; anomaly detection; SAP analytics; fraud analysis; in memory solutions focusing on SAP HANA; Big Data analytics focusing on Cloudera; Managed Solutions (outsourced / co-sourced analytics covering Big Data, HANA, Prescriptive and Descriptive analytics and reporting); visualisation of analytics; continuous controls monitoring; internal and external audit analytics.

Performance Optimization

Review | Monitor | Report

What are Analytic Insights?

Analytic Insights is about using data to answer the tough questions.

“Converting insight and foresight into decisions”


We assist clients in understanding the future in terms of what will happen, dealing with the predictive and prescriptive elements of the continuum. We answer the questions: why is this happening? what if trends continue? what will happen next? what is the best outcome?


We do this through the use of the latest advanced analytics techniques such as data mining, pattern matching, data visualisation, cognitive computing and predictive modelling on a combination of structured and unstructured data sources. Our analyses are focused on producing insights and algorithms that enable businesses to make better decisions.


Services include: advanced analytics and modelling, behavioural and propensity modelling, customer modelling, segmentation and optimization, forecasting and simulation.

Analytic Insights

Discover | Analyze | Predict

Are You Interested In Joining This Dynamic Team?

We are looking for enthusiastic and dynamic individuals who are eager to get involved across our Data Analytics team.  We have opportunities across Information Management, Performance Optimization and Analytic Insights and these opportunities span the following experience levels:

  • Junior Consultant

(1-2 years)

  • Consultant

(2-3 years)

  • Senior Consultant/Assistant Manager

(3-5 years)

  • Manager

(6+ years)

  • Senior Manager

(10+ years experience)


Interested candidates would need to have some the following technical competencies in line with the above experience requirements:

Information Management:

  • Data Architecture (Generic and Industry specific)
  • Data Governance, Security, and Quality
  • Industry Software Systems
  • Data Management Security
  • Data Visualisation and Communication
  • Data Migrations

Performance Optimization

  • Data Analytics and experience in associated tools (e.g. SAS, SQL, ACL, HANA, Cloudera)
  • Business Process Analytics
  • SAP Analytics
  • SAP HANA Modelling
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence

o   Strategy and Roadmap

o   Data Modelling

o   Implementation

o   Reporting

  • Architecture and Design
  • Data Visualisation
  • Key Performance Indicator Metrics and Reporting
  • Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM)
  • Internal and External Audit Data Analytics
  • Forensic Analytics
  • Internal and External Analytics
  • Risk Analytics

Analytic Insights

  • Analytic Modeling

o   Next Best Action

o   Customer Lifetime Value

o   Fraud

o   Loyalty

o   Propensity

o   Churn

o   Pricing

o   Segmentation

o   Supply Chain

  • Analytics Strategy
  • Analytics Techniques

o   Machine Learning

o   Text Mining

o   Forecasting

o   Network Analysis

o   Geospatial Analysis

o   Optimisation

  • Analytics Delivery Model/Integration
  • Data Visualisation and Communication

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