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Are you a Chartered Accountant in the making? Are you currently exploring your options with the view of signing a 3-year training contract to complete your articles? We offer several products that are designed to help you throughout your journey towards becoming a CA. This includes various vacation programs as well as our formal application and interview process. Please visit for more information.

Journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant

What can you do once you have become a CA?

The easy answer ... the sky is the limit.

You could go on to become any of the following:

  • Tax Specialst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Entrepeneur
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Financial Manager
  • Investment Banker

and much, much more!

Frequently Asked Questions?

If I’m studying accounting does that mean I’ll become a Chartered Accountant?

Not necessarily – you need to be studying a SAICA-accredited accounting degree at a South African university.


If I’m doing CIMA or ACCA can I still become and Chartered Accountant?

Yes, but only if you do a conversion course to a CA stream course that is accredited by SAICA.


Does Deloitte offer funding for Chartered Accountant Studies?

Yes, applications are open throughout the year.  You do, however, need to sign a Training Contract with us before you are eligible to apply for funding.

For more information around the Financial Contribution process, please click here. 


Does Deloitte offer any vacation programs for students/learners?

Yes – please click here to apply for a vacation program.  You can apply for the next vacation program, or you can add your name to a mailing list to alert you when applications open for future vacation programs.

Our schools programs run during the April and September holidays, and our university programs run during June and December holidays.


How do I apply to attend an interview?

Our interviews are called “Assessment Centers”.  Please go to and click on “apply”


How do the Assessment Centers work?

The Assessment Centers usually occur once or twice a month, depending on the region where you wish to be interviewed. 

You will schedule yourself on an Assessment Center once you have successfully passed through our prescreening process.

The day runs from 8am to 1pm, and you don’t need to prepare for it in advance.

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