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GLOBE Africa

The Deloitte Network for LGBT+ People and Friends

The GLOBE network has a single vision: a diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees can bring their full, authentic and high-performing self to work.

To achieve this vision, the GLOBE Africa network focuses on three areas to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and non-defined (LGBT+) people across the firm, including their friends and family. 

Policy and practice

By working closely with Talent & Transformation, GLOBE Africa advises on best practice to ensure that Deloitte policies, and their implementation, are fully LGBT-sensitive and supportive. We support the firm in making progress on inclusion and in recognising the barriers that LGBT+ individuals can sometimes experience in the workplace.

Wellbeing and mentoring

GLOBE Africa has a dedicated mentoring scheme, pairing up mentors and mentees from different service lines in a confidential environment where they can discuss issues related to career and/or sexuality. We also ensure that the Wellbeing programmes offered by Deloitte are well communicated and are sensitive to people impacted by LGBT issues.


The GLOBE Africa network offers the opportunity to develop professional relationships across service lines and levels within Deloitte and with other firms in Africa. Not only are these events designed to be enjoyable, they also help promote the integration of our firm and our potential client contacts.

The GLOBE Africa network is run by employees and partners of Deloitte and forms a crucial pillar of Deloitte’s diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy. As the network expands, we will look for new ways to play a meaningful role in promoting diversity in the workplace.

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