Homecoming Revolution Conference 2015    

Bringing Africa Home

The ins and outs of Homecoming Revolution 2015

Over the course of March 20th and 21st, recruitment representatives from Deloitte Kenya (Arlette Gitau), Nigeria (Victoria Ibhawa) and South Africa (Shaori Ajodha & Deepa Mamtani) attended the Homecoming Revolution conference hosted by the South African based company, Homecoming Revolution which was held in London.

The aim of the conference was too provide a platform to inform and educate ex-pats wanting to come home about the opportunities available in their home countries.  

With the Kenya, Nigerian and South African speakers coming through to engage in debate surrounding the economic and political climate relating to the ex-pats, debate was heated but thoroughly informative and thought provoking.

By bringing a taste of Africa from each country along to the conference our recruiters were able to engage over a common memory of said taste and through this commonality, they began engaging and creating relationships and bonds with some top African Talent.


Our representatives returned back to their home offices encouraged and comforted by the number of ex-pats that showed a genuine interest and yearning to return back home to Africa.  The heart-warming reason so many of our ex-pats want to return to their roots – because home is where the heart is and they want their families to grow up with the African experiences they did and hopefully, Deloitte can make those dreams a reality with the opportunities we have available.

Tantalising African Tastes

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