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Deloitte South Africa CEO - Lwazi Bam

Deloitte is all I’ve ever known. I joined the firm from university and began my journey in what was then known as Entrepreneurial Services which formed part of our Audit Service Line and then spent a large part of my career in Corporate Finance

In my 22 years with the firm, my biggest highlight is the year I made Partner – this is an achievement I cherish to date.

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Glen Krynauw: Partner at Deloitte

It may be hard to imagine an organisation that will support your decision to hold off a promotion for 7 years, one that would afford the luxury of time, to pause and align one’s personal and career aspirations - this is a rare value add to any employee.

A few years ago I was afforded the decision to enhance my career growth with a much desirable promotion. To my heart’s content, I instead made the decision to continue to grow my family – in this moment I experienced the greatest impact Deloitte could have made on me; whole-heartedly supported by my leadership, they encouragingly accepted my decision.

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Ruwayda Redfearn - Partner at Deloitte

It’s been an awarding 19 years to say the least. From the word go, upon joining the firm as a trainee accountant in the Durban office, I’ve been afforded exciting experiences to venture on. The opportunity go on secondment to Deloitte New York offices opened a world of opportunity and growth. In retrospect, coming back from New York into a managerial position and being awarded Partnership in 2004 comes the realisation that these achievements were only the begging of the highlights I was yet to experience.

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Valter Adao - Partner at Deloitte

During my time at Deloitte, I have had the freedom to shape my career capital. Deloitte has given me the leverage to create new businesses and brands, conduct business in a way that is suited for the modern economy and attract and grow talented individuals.

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Kevin Black - Partner at Deloitte

The launch to my career at Deloitte began 23 years ago when I came in as a trainee to complete my articles. After qualifying, I left the firm for close to 9 months, testing myself in a different field, I ultimately returned to Deloitte and was honoured to be made Partner.

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Joe Eshun - Deloitte East Africa CEO

I’ve been fortunate to lead several large scale multi-year projects for both private and public sector clients. The highlight for me is the comprehensive US$ 150 million USAID funded Health/HIV programme designed to assist individuals residing in Tanzania to receive care. Through this program, which was launched in 2004, Deloitte has managed to serve more than 15% of the over 800,000 people on ARV treatment in Tanzania, and changed their lives for the better. The results from our work includes the improved access to quality, integrated and comprehensive HIV care and treatment services in four large regions in Tanzania. 

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