Business model innovation in consumer goods

How companies are configuring their businesses to deliver exceptional performance

Today, businesses should consider changing more frequently and in more fundamental ways. Left unaddressed, consumer product trends have the potential to not only undermine historical sources of profitable growth but also render traditional consumer goods business models obsolete.

In our quest to understand exceptional companies and what makes them different, we analyzed 97 consumer goods companies from around the world. We identified a small group of companies—which we termed Exceptional Winners—that, over a period of 10 years, consistently outperformed their peers.

 The good news for managers and investors alike is that exceptional performance can be achieved within different consumer goods industry segments (e.g., personal care products and food and beverage), across different company sizes, and with different business model types. It is therefore within managers’ control to deliver sustained exceptional performance – this report explores how.

Business model innovation in consumer goods
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