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We evaluate our client's challenges and opportunities from many angles. Bringing talent and skills from across our consulting business, our people have the business acumen of a strategic advisor, the design capability of a creative agency and the engineering depth of a technology firm. We shape our holistic range of capabilities into an integrated solution for digital transformation projects. With our unique blend of strategy, creative, and technology, we build beautiful digital experiences for Africa's leading brands. Our work is in your pocket. It's on your screens. And it's making lives a little more fun, a little bit easier, and a little more connected.

How local e-commerce can compete globally

There is a local tendency to regard e-commerce as a separate, distinct and unimportant entity that should be left up to the tech-minded people in the company to worry about. This is a wrong approach, one which fails to appreciate just what the benefits of bringing well-understood and carefully-managed digital channels into the overall retail strategy can be.Click here for more.

(E)commerce: 5 ways the future of consumer retail is already here

The next generation of shopping experiences is not an abstract idea - it is here. Customers are ready. They’re increasingly tech-savvy, they’re demanding personalised experiences and the world at their fingertips. Retailers still thinking that (E)commerce is separate from physical business are getting left behind. There is no longer a separate channel, ‘bricks-and-mortar’ versus (E)commerce divide when customers are online all of the time. Click here for more.

Retail Case Study

Gumtree Lite

How do we take South Africa’s most popular website and make it accessible to the masses who use cheap feature phones? Click here for more.

Deloitte Digital retail blog posts

Retailers: It’s time to capitalize on digital influence

Digital influence is accelerating and changing the face of retail. Retailers need to expand their view of the digital channel beyond the “buy” button to harness opportunities to drive sales and more accurately measure success. Our latest retail study, “Navigating the New Digital Divide,” is now available to report the latest on these trends. Click here to read more.

Wearables: The Impact on Retail

The wearables market is fast maturing with new entrants coming in, improvements in products available, and customer adoption on the rise. Forward-thinking retailers should think about incorporating this change in consumer behavior now and align their customer experience strategy so they are positioned to meet the needs of quickly evolving customer expectations. Click here for more.

Striking growth trends in the evolving world of commerce

At Oracle Open World, Rick Westra and I will be talking about growth trends in commerce, how they’re affecting different industries, and how Deloitte Digital is helping our clients manage this complexity and take advantage of the opportunity it provides. Here are some of the trends we’ll be going over—and more—in our talk. Click here for more

Deloitte Digital meshes iBeacon, Hue Light and vouchering technology for retail. The future is now.

Deloitte Digital has created a number of retail based installations using micro proximity, shoppers can be tracked, greeted and their shopping experience enhanced through this latest technology lying embedded in the latest versions of iOs and Android.Without having to have any app running, iBeacon is able to wake the phone up and automatically  launch the appropriate app to deliver value added content. Click here for more.

Retail and Digital influence – what are SA retailers waiting for?

As digital starts to become something our local retailers in SA are only really starting to dabble in, and usually are pretty limited in nature, a great study by our colleagues in the US have determined that digital devices’ influence on in-store purchase behavior is growing much faster than anyone could have anticipated. Deloitte’s research in the US shows that today, digital technologies influence 36 percent or $1.1 trillion of in-store retail sales, and this number will likely increase to 50 percent of in-store sales by the end of 2014. Click here for more.


Digital influence report: New insights for retailers

Our latest retail report, The New Digital Divide, is now out! It begins to answer the question of just how much digital technology is influencing consumer purchasing decisions in the brick-and-mortar store. Click here for more

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